Language is at the centre of everything I do. I have always been fascinated by language, ever since I learned to read when I was five, and I have never had any doubts that this is where I should make my carreer. Shortly after my graduation as MA in English in 2007, I established my one-man company ABNI Communications, in which I offer a variery of linguistic services that all allow me to play with language in different ways.

The key words of my work are energy, elegance and efficiency, and I take pride in shaping texts that reflect both the sender and the sender's message, and which at the same time to a very large degree take the readers into account and offer them a pleasant reading expereince - whether in terms of information material, websites, fiction texts or something entirely different.

If you would like to receive a non-binding quote on a specific task you would like me to perform, please contact me at tel. +45 61 74 82 04 or by e-mail


ABNI Communications
v/ Anne Bloksgaard

Tel.: +45 61 74 82 04